Tour of Spinner Studio of Art           שלום מהאומנית​

Tour Spinner Studio of Art, Hoshaya, Israel

In the community of Hoshaya, a 15-minute drive from Tzippori National Park in Northern Israel, visit the display of Deborah’s artwork in her home studio designed by her husband Ron.

A visit to the Studio offers an authentic feel of contemporary Israeli art and insights to the challenges and privileges of life in Israel. The studio presents artwork from multiple sources: Jewish heritage, the “neshama”/soul of Israel and the surrounding Galilee and Mediterranean vistas. The studio is housed in Deborah and Ron’s private home. It has recently been renovated by Ron, a licensed Israeli architect holding degrees from both the University of Michigan and the Technion.

Private small tours (for a maximum of 20 participants) must be arranged in advance. The couple offers the tour with explanations about the Hoshaya community, what brought them to Israel over 40 years go and of course, the artwork and architecture.

To Book an appointment please contact me